A favorite hotel when I visit Franciacorta (in Brescia proper)

brescia castle

Above: The view from my hotel room in Brescia.

I’ve just arrived in Brescia, where I’ll be staying during Vinitaly, the annual wine trade fair.

And I wanted to share a note on my favorite hotel here.

It’s the Hotel Master Best Western, which lies just north of the historic center of the city.

It’s a modest, moderately priced, and very clean four-star, business hotel. And I’ve only had positive experiences here.

But here’s the thing about it: Because it lies just outside the city’s Renaissance walls, it’s within walking distance from all the city’s sights, museums, and restaurants (the historic center is off-limits for unauthorized cars).

And at the same time, because it’s just outside the city walls, it’s a great base for visiting in Franciacorta proper, which is about 30 minutes away.

It even has a great bar across the street where there’s always excellent Franciacorta by-the-glass and wholesome food.

That’s Brescia castle in the photo above: If you get a room on the south side of the hotel, you can see the castle from your window (I snapped it when I got here this afternoon).

The fair starts on Sunday: Stay tuned for reports from the Franciacorta pavilion!

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