Italian heat wave continues despite some rain

I’ve started a new category and slug on the blog today, Franciacora Harvest 2015. Bookmark it to see the date — hard and anecdotal — that I’ll be compiling as we head into harvest 2015.

lake iseo

Two weeks from tomorrow, I’ll head from Texas to Franciacorta for a week in the appellation. I’ll be arriving on Saturday, August 16.

At one point, I was confident that I would get there before harvest would begin.

But in the wake of a July heatwave throughout Italy, many Franciacortini have told me that they expect the harvest to begin before I arrive.

Below you’ll find a recap of weather in Erbusco (the central part of the appellation) during July (source:

Click on the image for a larger PDF version.

The mean temperatures for the month through today, July 30 have been: 87° (max.), 81° (average), and 75° (min.).

Honestly this doesn’t bode well for the vintage. And it’s likely that, while it will still be a plentiful crop, with a lot of great wine, it won’t be a “classic” vintage with the elegance and balance of, say, 2013.

But as they say in American baseball, it ain’t over until it’s over!

As I gear up for my trip, I’ll be following the weather closely and I will be posting every day (and even more frequently) when I’m there in a few weeks.

Stay tuned!

franciacorta harvest picking date 2015

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