Master Sommelier @ShaynBjornholm discusses @Franciacorta in @RobbReport

aspen shayn bjornholm

In June of this year, Master Sommelier Shayn Bjornholm (above, left) asked me to be on an Aspen Food & Wine panel devoted to “big and bold” Italian wines.

There was a Brunello. There was a Barolo. There was an Amarone. There was a Super Tuscan…

But Shayn, who is a super cool dude, suggested that I present a Franciacorta as my wine.

After each of our sessions, Shayn offered to let the panelists take a bottle of wine for the evening that lay ahead.

But on the second day, he said, “hey, do you mind if I grab the Franciacorta today? I’d like to drink it later.”

“Sure, of course!” I said as I felt entirely stoked that he liked it enough to want to drink it himself!

Little did I know that he would recommend it in the August issue of Robb Report, where he is featured.

The magazine is the leading luxury lifestyle magazine in the world today and I am thrilled that a Franciacorta, together with Shayn’s expert notes, grace its pages.

Check it out here.

And thank you, Shayn, for digging Franciacorta! You ROCK!

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