@TheDailyBarrel’s Michele Stampatti blogs about Franciacorta

daily barrel wine blog

We were entirely geeked to see this post by Michele Stampatti, a contributor to the popular wine blog the Daily Barrel.

It was great to have Michele join us at our tasting last month in San Francisco: Not only is he an Italian wine lover and blogger, but he’s also an Italian, from Bergamo, the province that lies to the west of Franciacorta.

Please check out his post here.

We really loved what he did with Google Maps to show how varied the terroir of Franciacorta really is.

Grazie, Michele!

In other news…

Harvest is now in full swing in Franciacorta. And growers are hustling to get their fruit into the cellar as quickly as possible as prolonged high temperatures continue there.

Honestly, when I planned my trip there (I leave tomorrow and will be there for a week), I though I’d be arriving just as harvest began.

But I might miss it all together.

Either way, I’ll be talking to as many growers and winemakers as I can next week and will be posting regularly (even twice a day, every day, I hope) here on the Franciacorta Real Story blog.

Stay tuned! And see you on the other side!

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