My week in Franciacorta comes to an end

franciacorta lake iseo

That’s Franciacorta as seen from atop Belvedere on the west side of Lake Iseo.

We visited there yesterday to see what most believe is the highest vineyard in the appellation.

It was one of the highlights of an extraordinary week of tastings and winery visits.

Today is my last day here and probably my last visit this year.

I have lots of notes and images to share.

Thank you to the Franciacorta Consortium for their great work in organizing my visit. And truly heartfelt thanks to all the winemakers who received me and the journalist that I’m traveling with.

Opening your wine for someone is like playing them a song you wrote. It means putting your heart on the line and your soul on display. I greatly appreciate the hospitality, the honesty, the earnestness, and the passion that you shared with us.

See you soon! And please check back next week for notes on our visit.

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