21k bottles, 145k visitors, €1.5 million in sales: Franciacorta Wine Bar at EXPO closes

franciacorta expo milan

After six months of operation and 21,000 bottles served to more than 145,000 visitors, the Franciacorta Wine Bar at EXPO, the World’s Fair in Milan, has closed.

Today, Saturday, October 31, is the last day of the fair.

Over the course of its six months in operation, the Wine Bar had gross sales of €1.5 million, according to a press release issued by the Franciacorta Consortium who conceived, executed, and staffed the venue.

Franciacorta was the “Official Sparkling Wine of EXPO Milano 2015.”

“We are really happy with the results,” said outgoing Franciacorta president Maurizio Zanella. “Naturally, the sales figures are a positive note. But the opportunity to meet so many foreign consumers was the greatest reward for our efforts. Our success at EXPO Milano 2015 lies in having been able to move beyond the world of wine professionals and connoisseurs and reach people who didn’t even know what Franciacorta was.”

usa pavilion worlds fair expo milan

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