Thank you, Boulder! You are the best!

boulder wine merchant franciacorta

Back when I first started talking to the Franciacorta Consortium in 2014 about doing this year-long campaign with them, they were adamant that I take my tasting tour only to major markets like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, etc.

It took some cajoling but I finally got them to agree let me bring the show to Boulder, Colorado — one of the most vibrant markets for fine wine in the U.S. imho.

On Wednesday of this week, I led a consumer tasting of four wines from Franciacorta at the Boulder Wine Merchant (above; Colorado allows a maximum of four wines to be poured at in-store tastings).

Before I got here, the store didn’t have any Franciacorta in its otherwise extremely impressive Italian selection. Today, there are four Franciacorta wines on its shelves (and I believe they are adding a fifth wine).

st julien hotel conference event room

Yesterday, I led a consumer and trade tasting in a conference room at the St. Julien Hotel where we poured and discussed 11 Franciacorta wines. Boulder Wine Merchant owner, Master Sommelier Brett Zimmerman, had promoted the event through its e-letter and website.

Of the twenty persons who attended, there were a number of wine buyers, young wine professionals, and at least one importer (who told me that he’s now planning to add a Franciacorta to his portfolio).

I’ve met so many great people this year working as an ambassador for the Franciacorta consortium and I’ve led so many fun tastings. But in no city have I received a warmer and more robust reception than Boulder.

Not only did the Boulder Wine Merchant add four Franciacorta skus to its shelves, but Boulder’s leading Italian restaurant, Frasca Food and Wine (one of the best restaurants in the U.S. imho), added a Franciacorta by-the-glass to its stellar, award-winning wine list, authored by Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey.

Honestly, I’m getting a little blue thinking about how this project is coming to an end. But what a way to go out!

Thank you, Boulder! We love you! Good night!

One thought on “Thank you, Boulder! You are the best!

  1. I think this is really a shame that the Franciacorta Consortium are choosing not to renew their campaign with you. But I know another (even wealthier) Consortium that would love to talk to you about 2016. One door closes, another one opens. What will be Franciacorta’s loss will be B——-‘s gain!


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