Sparkling wine expert Tom Stevenson: “The quality of Franciacorta is astonishing.”

lago iseo christo

Above: Lake Iseo and Franciacorta as seen from one of its highest-lying vineyards.

We were thrilled to see this excellent article by British wine writer James Lawrence, “What’s the Big Deal About Franciacorta?” which appeared on Friday on (one of the world’s leading wine blogs and the leading wine pricing portals).

In his piece, Lawrence offers a fantastic “Franciacorta 101” and positions the appellation and wines within the context of classic method wines today.

He quotes the great Champagne and sparkling wine expert Tom Stevenson, author of Christie’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine: “Tom Stevenson, the world’s leading authority on sparkling wine, has this to say: ‘The quality [of Franciacorta] is astonishing, with very few poor producers… almost all share good winemaking, with clean fruit and a general stylistic coherence.'”

Click here for Lawrence’s complete post.

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