Franciacorta on Wine Berserkers

wine berserkers

If you look it up in an Italian-English dictionary, it’s unlikely that you will find an entry English word berserker.

My favorite online bilingual dictionary does have an entry for berserk, which it translates as pazzo furioso (literally, furiously crazy). But that doesn’t really render the meaning of this ancient Icelandic word.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines berserker as follows: A wild Norse warrior of great strength and ferocious courage, who fought on the battle-field with a frenzied fury known as the ‘berserker rage’; often a lawless bravo or freebooter. is a long-running and extremely popular online forum for, well, “wine berserkers,” people who are crazy mad about wine.

There’s been a really interesting thread on Franciacorta over the last couple of days and one of my good friends, who’s very active there, brought it to my attention.

Here’s an excerpt from the initial post:


The LCBO [Liquor Control Board of Ontario] recently brought in an Italian sparkling wine that I had never heard of called Franciacorta. Not being a fan of Prosecco at all, I was going to pass on this until an LCBO consultant informed me that it was actually quite unique in that it was an Italian wine done in the traditional method.

So I gave it a try and was quite surprised at the quality of the wine. Similar to Champagne, it is made with the same grapes of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Italy in the same style. Definitely got the biscuit and green apple flavors. It lacks the flintiness and austere acidity compared to grower’s Champagnes I’ve had but was also quite rich and full in mouthfeel, you can tell it comes from warm climate grown fruit. A pretty good deal when you consider that it’s half the price of a good grower’s champagne.

It’s a pretty great read for Franciacorta producers: It really gets you into the minds of wine nerds and geeks and how they perceive (and consume) Franciacorta.

I can’t say that I agree with everyone’s impressions of Franciacorta and its overall quality and value. But this being Wine Berserkers, the entries are well informed and researched.

It’s worth checking out here…

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