Leading Franciacorta organic grower featured by Sole 24 Ore, Italy’s “Financial Times”

“After winning over skeptics, a pioneer of biodynamic wine looks back and has no regrets.”
By Maurizio Bertera
Il Sole 24 Ore
January 19, 2016

For pioneers, sometimes, the real satisfaction isn’t in the numbers but in the concept. Take Silvano Brescianini of Barone Pizzini, the first vineyard in Franciacorta (and one of the first in Italy) to chose “bio” as a dogma. The first wine harvest in 1998, and further push in 2001, with an immediate European certification. Fifteen years later, of 2,900 hectares designated DOGC (Designation of Origin), some 1,300 are biodynamic.

“In 2013, I invited a few colleagues in the business to see what I was doing: one of the most dedicated and competent said, ‘Sorry to say this, but you haven’t convinced me.’ Some time later I ran into him in a supermarket and I saw that he had a cartful of organic products. I pointed it out to him and he told me they were for his kids. Great, and who’s looking out for us? Over the course of a year, he transformed his company into one that was totally bio.”

That is, actually, really nice…

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