Thank you Miami! And thank you @WolfesWines for such a fantastic tasting!

best wine shop miami

Posting on the fly this afternoon as I make my way back from a very rainy and congested southern Florida back to Houston.

But just had to take time out to thank Jeffrey Wolfe of Wolfe’s Wine in Coral Gables (Miami) for hosting such an awesome Franciacorta Real Story tasting last night!

Jeffrey, you ROCK!

Great turn out and great folks. But the coolest thing was how everyone who came out to taste with me was a wine nerd, geek, or fanatic at minimum.

Whenever you do tastings like this, there are generally at least a handful of people who really just show up for free booze and noshes.

But last night, everyone who attended tasted meticulously and thoughtfully and I can’t recall one guest who didn’t ask me at least one question about the wines (and I’m not just talking about “where are these from?” or “are these all Italian?”).

In Jeffrey’s words, it was an “eye-opening” experience — definitely for me and hopefully for our guests.

You never now what to expect when you visit a new-for-you market for the first time. But I was blown away by the across-the-board wine culture of the 30 or so people who joined us.

Really cool crowd that included Franciacorta celebrity Vittorio Marzotto (but more on Vittorio, who is super cool, and our conversation down the road).

Now it’s time to get my Franciacortino butt on a plane back to Texas!

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