An update on sales and production data from Consortium Pres. Vittorio Moretti


Newly-appointed President Vittorio Moretti announces 2015 results and 2016 objectives
“For Franciacorta, 2015 was a bright year – Expo was a challenging test which turned into a big plus and an important showcase, nationally and internationally. In terms of sales and brand awareness, we are trending positively both in Italy and abroad.”

This is how Vittorio Moretti, appointed President of Consorzio Franciacorta in December 2015, announced last year’s official results. 2015 saw an increase in sales by 7.1% in Italy and 7.5% in export markets, with a slight increase in the average sales price (€ 19, incl. VAT), despite an extremely complex climate in the economy as a whole.

Franciacorta performed well, with 16.5 million bottles sold, of which over 1.5 million abroad. Japan confirms its role as the principal overseas market, with 22% of export sales, followed by Switzerland and the US, which account for almost 14% of the total. Growth figures are substantial: Japan is up 19% over 2014, and the US 16%, both encouraging results, rewarding the hard work and significant communication investments.

In particular, market demand showed increasing consensus for Satèn, an exclusive Franciacorta style (+17.5%), and Dosaggio Zero (+28.8%).

Vittorio Moretti commented: “Most of our clientele is based in the North, but we aim to expand also in other areas in central and southern Italy, where our overall volumes can potentially double. The policy of Franciacorta has historically been focused on quality; this means that the values that we have associated with our products – very ambitious values, like “excellence”, elegance and refinement – shall be increasingly reflected in everything around us, beginning with our vineyards, which must be a model of beauty for both the people who live and work in Franciacorta and for tourists, so that everyone becomes aware that they are part of a special world, in many ways better and more enjoyable than the larger world around us. Enhancing our landscape, nature and the very quality of the air we breathe is essential. This will make us a true tourist destination, to then aspire to being recognized as part of the “World Heritage”.

2016 will be rich in events and initiatives in Italy and globally, but first and foremost in our local area. Franciacorta itself will be a venue for our summer festival, the Festival Franciacorta d’Estate on 25th and 26th June 2016, which is part of a program of collateral events in the area during the installation of the exhibition The Floating Piers, by Christo, on Lake Iseo (18th June through 3rd July). Next 17th and 18th September, our well-established Festival Franciacorta in Cantina will take center stage.

The Consorzio Franciacorta is the body that guarantees and controls compliance with the production requirements for Franciacorta, the first Italian wine produced exclusively through bottle fermentation (i.e. metodo classico) to have obtained – in 1995 – the DOCG [Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin] status. The consortium is active in several areas: from the promotion of the brand and the local area to adding value to the product through ongoing improvement of the production rulebook and informing consumers, including the promotion of Franciacorta as the expression of a land, a wine and a production method. Founded on 5th March, 1990, its headquarters are in Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta. The Consortium’s President is Vittorio Moretti and its members include 113 wineries.

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