Franciacorta in NYC baby!

marco sabellico

Between the Italian Trade Commission’s Vino 2016 Italian Wine Week and the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting, both of which took place this week in Manhattan, there were a number of Franciacorta producers in New York City, pouring and talking about their wines.

That’s the new president of the Franciacorta Consortium Vittorio Moretti, owner of Bellavista (left), with Gambero Rosso senior editor and renowned Italian wine writer Marco Sabellico.

Franciacorta Real Story caught up with them not in some over-hyped Italian restaurant in Manhattan but at Antica Pesa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Messers Moretti and Sabellico were hosting a wine dinner for a group of leading American wine writers and aficionados.

(I think that’s so cool that Mr. Moretti was in Williamsburg, btw. THAT’s where Franciacorta should be!)

mirabella marta poli

Franciacorta Real Story also got a chance to taste with Marta Poli who tirelessly travels the world for the Mirabella winery.

She told me that the estate has been farmed organically for some years now and is currently in the process of obtaining organic certification.

It was great to see her and the wines showed beautifully at the Vino 2016 grand tasting, which was held over two days.

silvano brescianini

Franciacorta Consortium vice president Silvano Brescianini was also in town pouring the wines of Barone Pizzini at the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting.

That’s actually a photo snapped last week in Austin, Texas where Silvano was touring with the Slow Wine Guide 2016 tasting.

I’ll be joining Silvano later this spring back in NYC for a series of tastings. Stay tuned for details on upcoming events we’re working on.

You see? Franciacorta Real Story gets around and gets the story!

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