Franciacorta, the movie, is here (and definitely worth checking out)

wine movie franciacorta

They called it “F for Franciacorta”… maybe not the best title for English-language audiences but a film definitely worth seeing regardless.

The new movie directed by cinema scholar, and film and wine writer Massimo Zanichelli is worth checking out not only because it is an extremely beautiful movie but also because it focuses on sharing the natural beauty of Franciacorta and the geographic and climatic features that make the appellation such a unique expression of sparkling wine in the world today.

Yes, the viewer gets a chance to sit down and have an intimate chat with some of the Franciacorta greats — a who’s who of the winemakers who helped to forge and shape the appellation and the wines.

But it’s the cinematic attention to the landscape and the changing of the seasons that stands apart as the driving force of this short roughly 20-minute film. In Zanichelli’s deft hand, the camera delivers truly breathtaking sequences that not only wow the viewer with the extreme beauty of the appellation but also reveal why Franciacorta is such an excellent place to grow grapes and produce sparkling wine.

And this, in my mind, is what makes the film transcend the tired and often clichéd genre of the hagiographic wine short.

Yes, it celebrates the founding fathers of Franciacorta (where are the mothers, by the way?). And yes, it provides the standard overview of the appellation through interviews with leading producers, telling the story for first-timers.

But it’s Zanichelli’s majestic cinematography that tells a much greater and more important story here. There’s no doubt in my mind that wine lovers, even those with just a meager technical knowledge of winemaking, will come away from a screening of this gorgeous film with a much deeper understanding of and connection to Franciacorta and its wines.

Check it out, people…

Click here to view with English subtitles.

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