Thank you, Les Marchands (Santa Barbara), for a wonderful evening of Franciacorta!

sam rethmeier santa barbara wine

Another great Franciacorta Real Story tasting last night at Les Marchands Wine Bar and Merchant in Santa Barbara.

That’s wine director and general manager Sam Rethmeier (above, left), who co-presented the tasting with me.

He’s the consummate wine professional, from his encyclopedic knowledge of the wines of the world (and not just Italy, one of his passions) to his gracious hospitality and superb wine service.

I was really impressed by the whole team and their professionalism last night.

les marchands wine bar santa barbara

We had about 30 people in attendance and I managed to talk one-on-one with many of them. There’s not a lot of Franciacorta in this part of the world and I got the impression that most of our guests last night were tasting the appellation for the first time.

Everyone was so nice and their interest in the wines and how they got there was as genuine as it was refreshing.

skateboarding santa barbara

Of course, I couldn’t help but swing by the beach on my way to the tasting yesterday afternoon.

As a native Californian, it was great to see that some things never change.

Santa Barbara and the Central Coast of California are so beautiful and the people are super friendly and nice.

Thanks again, Santa Barbara and the whole team at Les Marchands, for a great experience! Dinner was awesome, too!

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