Leading Boston wine writer Richard Auffrey on Franciacorta

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One “important consideration in the Franciacorta region,” writes leading Boston wine writer and blogger Richard Auffrey today on his blog the Passionate Foodie, “is the diversity of its soils, over 60 different types. Its morainic soils, caused by ancient glacial action, are stony, with larger stones located in the northern part and much smaller stones to the south. These stony soils don’t retain water well, which force grape vines to become stressed as they have to seek deeper to find water. That struggle leads to better grapes, and it is often said that the worst soils make the best wines. About 50% of Franciacorta vineyards are organic and the rest are moving in that direction too. It is possible that in the near future Franciacorta could become the first Italian wine region to become 100% organic.”

Richard was one of the wine bloggers and educators who attended our Franciacorta Real Story tasting on Wednesday night at the lovely Wine Bottega in the North End of Boston.

Honestly, I can’t imagine a more fun, welcoming, and well informed group of wine people than the folks who joined us.

Please have a look at Richard’s excellent post on his impressions of our tasting and his insights into what makes Franciacorta such a unique expression of sparkling wine today (including some of his stand-out wines from the flight).

Thank you, Richard, for your kind words and superb post.

Thank you, wine blogger Karin O’Brien and wine educator Roz Angoff, for joining and tasting with us.

Thank you to the owners and staff at the Wine Bottega for hosting and creating such a fantastic space and environment for tastings like this (and thanks for the kind words in your eblast). Great shop, great selection, and great vibe!

And thanks, most of all, to my good friend Adam Japko — wine blogger, cultural entrepreneur, and all-around mensch — for creating the magic that happened on Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Leading Boston wine writer Richard Auffrey on Franciacorta

  1. Thanks Jeremy for coming to Boston and sharing your passion for Franciacorta. It was great to meet you and taste some of the delightful sparkling wine you brought. Hope you can return to Boston again some time.


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