Christo’s “Floating Piers” are here! Schedule of events and other resources for visitors

christo floating piers photos

From the Franciacorta Consortium:

Franciacorta for The Floating Piers
The Franciacorta Festival pays homage to Christo
18th June – 3rd July 2016

June 18th is approaching fast, and so is the opening of the latest, eagerly-awaited work by Christo – The Floating Piers. Excitement for this event is at a peak throughout the Franciacorta zone, especially now that, with nice weather set in, the installation can be seen unfolding, one piece at a time, stretching into the waters of Lake Iseo. The lakeside villages have been preparing to welcome inquisitive visitors and tourists, many of whom have been attracted since the very first stages of preparation of the spectacular walkway, 3 km long and with a surface area of some 70,000 square meters.

As a result of its close cooperation with the Municipality of Sulzano, Franciacorta will be a leading player throughout the event with its exclusive Wine Bar on Sulzano’s lakefront (Lido di Sulzano), in a 55-sqm self-supporting roofed-over structure originally created in 2015 for the Milan Expo. The visiting public will find – here and in the front patio – a large area, ideal for tasting the different Franciacorta styles in combination with refined local dishes, served by experts of Lanzani Bottega & Bistrot.

For a better understanding of Christo’s phenomenal work, visitors should not neglect to visit the Museo Santa Giulia, where the Water Project exhibition recently opened on April 7th. In partnership with Franciacorta, the exhibition was designed and curated by Germano Celant; on display until 18th September will be projects developed by this Bulgarian artist and by Jeanne-Claude, featuring water as a theme.

In perfect harmony with the festive climate, the Note di Franciacorta concerts will combine the magic of music with the poetry of wine at the heart of Franciacorta’s most breathtaking wine-cellars. But there’s more on schedule: shows, happenings, exhibitions and tastings will reach their high point on the weekend of 25th-26th June with the Franciacorta Summer Festival. The Festival will engage wineries, restaurants, chefs and musicians in themed events encouraging discovery of the local area, its wines, foods and products. The lawns of Palazzo Monti della Corte, an aristocratic mansion, will provide the setting for the Festival’s closing party on Sunday 26th June: the guests will sit on the grass for a refined picnic, and will taste a wealth of delicacies from the street food corners set up by renowned chefs, the barbecue and, needless to say, the Franciacorta tasting counter offering wines from over 60 wineries.

In order to bring together all the wonderful events in the area during the installation period, Franciacorta has created a web page devoted to The Floating Piers and the collateral events. Visitors clicking this link will find information concerning the events on the agenda and discover all that’s available day by day – winery tours, visits to historical buildings and relevant sites, ad hoc menus in individual restaurants, hospitality vacancies, and sports. Stay tuned!

Image via Franciacorta Consortium President Silvano Brescianini’s Facebook.

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