Franciacorta harvest has begun: Notes from Consortium VP Silvano Brescianini


Harvest 2016 in Franciacorta

Vice President Silvano Brescianini: “It would probably be a great quality year thanks to the low temperatures which have preserved the acidity and aromas of the grapes”

Erbusco (BS), August 12, 2016 – Franciacorta begin its harvest today, starting from the wineyards of the south slope of Monte Orfano, where the collection of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc is always anticipated compared to the central areas of the region, because of the special microclimate which distinguishes them.

“The situation in Franciacorta is very uneven this year, and this is linked with the several variabilities that our territory has – states the Vice President of Consorzio Franciacorta Silvano Brescianini – There are some areas, such as those at the north, where it’s still necessary to wait at least a couple of weeks before starting the havest”.

2016 presented a highly variable climate, with persistent rain alternated to very hot and humid days. Since the beginning of the season, which opened with a regular sprouting in the first days of April, the year seemed to be quite precocious, thanks to very favorable climatic conditions. During the stages of flowering though, the frequent rains and sudden drops in temperature slowed the ripening process and in some cases favored Peronospora. This pathogens genus, which fortunately affects only the quantity, in fact compromises the transition from flower to fruit, with the lack of development of some grapes within individual bunches.

The bad weather of May and early Jun, with frequent rain and some hails, has negatively affected the formation of bunches and caused, though not in a substantial way, certain loss of production in terms of volumes. It promises to be a year with reduced yelds compared to 2015, with a forecast decline of 10-15% over the total hectares amount, but it will be a great quality one for sure. Climate has been generally favorable, since the temperature range allowed a slow ripening of the grapes and a good balance between sugar and acidity.

Vice President Silvano Brescianini ends saying “Franciacorta harvest started regularly in the south of the region, but it will be longer than usual for the rest of the area, due to the temperature changes of these last days. It promises to be a high quality year although, as usual, we can give an effective assessment only after bringing the grapes in cellars”.

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