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The Telegraph recommends Brescia as a top undiscovered travel destination

capitolino rovine romane brescia

Above: The Capitolium of Brixia (Brescia), the largest Roman archeological site outside of Rome.

What a thrill to discover that one of Britain’s daily newspapers, The Telegraph, has recommended Brescia as one of the “places in Italy you never thought to visit (but really should).”

“It’s an ancient settlement with impressive Roman remains, Renaissance squares and a medieval centre,” write the editors. “The city is famous for its Mille Miglia car race in May when classic vehicles travel to Rome and back (the car race inevitably attracts its share of tourists but during the rest of the year there are hardly any).”

Click here for the complete review.

All of Franciacorta lies in Brescia province and a small part of the appellation is located in Brescia township.

Since antiquity, Brescia has been renowned for its wine production. Today, the vines surrounding the city’s medieval-era castle are the world’s largest working urban vineyard.

Click here for the Brescia Musei site, an online portal for all of the city’s museums and other cultural attractions.

Image via Maro Assini’s Flickr (Creative Commons).

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