Thank you, Las Vegas! On to Atlanta for our last tasting in 2016…

sommelier-hakkasan-las-vegasAbove, from left: Las Vegas sommeliers Elise Vandenberg (Milos), Kat Thomas (Hakkasan), Jeffrey Bencus (Lago), and wine blogger and collector Vashti Roebuck, who all came out to taste Franciacorta with me last Monday at Ferraro’s.

Batali & Bastianich, Milos, Hakkasan, Four Seasons, Cosmopolitan, Lago, Ferraro’s… It was like a who’s-who of Las Vegas sommeliers and wine buyers came out to taste 15 different Franciacorta wines with us a week ago Monday at Ferraro’s (where we hosted).

One of the things that been so rewarding about the experience of working with the Franciacorta consortium is the warm support our campaign has received from wine professionals across the country.

One thing I’m certain of after nearly two years of traveling across the U.S. and pouring and tasting Franciacorta wines with restaurant professionals is that people are excited and eager to learn about Franciacorta.

I ascribe it partly to the fact that wine professionals in general love to drink sparkling wine. And I also believe that Franciacorta has a “newness,” in other words, an “undiscovered” quality in terms of people’s (trade and consumer’s) awareness of the categories and the wines.

It was such a thrill to taste with the group of truly top-flight professionals who came out for our tasting last week. Las Vegas, I can’t thank you enough for your support and collegiality.

I’m in the process of confirming the details but the last Franciacorta Real Story tasting of 2016 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, November 14. Stay tuned for details and hope to see you there!

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