“Majestic land of grapes and sparkling wine”: New York sommelier and wine buyer Nicolas Contenta on his trip to Franciacorta


“One of the most important things we learned right away about Franciacorta is the diversity in soil types,” wrote Emporio wine director Nicolas Contenta after he returned from a trip this fall to Franciacorta.

“The wine makers can vinify up to 40 different expressions of chardonnay separately and combine those base wines in their own artistic expression for their finished product. This is a mythical place to grow grapes posted up right underneath Lago d’Iseo. The lake gives a maritime influence on top of the Alpine climate and a prehistoric glacier slide creates a natural amphitheatre almost enclosing the vineyards in the area. There is an incredible consistency of quality and movement towards organic viticulture that is not easy to come across in any other wine region.”

“What a complex area to learn about and as Jeremy [Franciacorta Real Story tour leader] has said, ‘These wines aren’t beginner wines and deserve some time and concentration to try and understand them.'”

“So I take a deep breath of clean crisp alpine air before diving into this majestic land of grapes and sparkling wine.”

Click here to read all of Nicolas’ recent posts on Franciacorta and his wine tasting experience there.

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