Franciacorta: The perfect Thanksgiving wine?

franciacorta expo milanCould Franciacorta be the perfect Thanksgiving wine?

It’s sparkling.

Sparkling is a sine qua non of any holiday celebration.

It’s always fresh on the nose and on the palate.

Where some sparkling wines don’t work as well with the wide spectrum of tastes you encounter at a Thanksgiving gathering, Franciacorta almost never has the “toasty” or “yeasty” nose that other categories often have.

The pressure is lower than most classic method wine.

Just another reason that Franciacorta tends to be more food-friendly than other categories of classic method wine.

Great Franciacorta always delivers a fresh balance of minerality and fruit flavors.

The vinous quality of Franciacorta makes it not only more versatile than other categories but it also makes it go better with food and with a wider variety of foods.

Franciacorta represents great value.

Even at $35-40 retail, you are already in a truly high-quality tier when it comes to Franciacorta.

So, yup, it could very well be the perfect Thanksgiving wine!

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