Boston Globe features Franciacorta (highlight from our 2016 campaign)

usa pavilion worlds fair expo milanWhat a thrill to see wine critic Ellen Bhang’s Franciacorta write-up this year for the Boston Globe.

“While Franciacorta is crafted in the same manner as Champagne,” wrote Ellen, “and uses the same grapes, including chardonnay and pinot noir, that’s where the similarity ends. Brescia’s alpine climate and the moderating effects of Lake Iseo result in riper fruit than grapes grown in the more northerly and continental climate of Champagne. Franciacorta needs little augmentation with sugar to aid fermentation or to round out its acid profile.”

“‘What I love is its vinous quality,’ says Parzen, observing that freshness, salinity, and soft bubbles are three defining characteristics.”

Click here for her piece.

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